2ème Biennale Art & Matières, Albi, France

I presented Print Green at the 2nd Biennial Art & Matières, which took place from 7th to 9th October in Albi, France. This was an event dedicated to promoting soil as a contemporary, ecological, aesthetic and high-quality material for design and architecture.

Link to a video clip of the event from tv channel France 3.

Making a green vessel – 3D printing and growing

Making a green vessel – 3D printing and growing

Dravčki (Pebbles from the river Drava)

Pebbles from the river Drava,
collected, decorated and framed
by me and my family.

Print it, Watch it Grow



[…] Today 3D printers come in all different sizes and shapes. We print everything from our desktop accessories, to toys for our kids, to parts for prosthetic limbs. What if we could also print living things?

PRINT GREEN is a 3D printer that continues to grow after printing. Layer […]

Máquina diseñada por estudiantes eslovenios para imprimir una mezcla de suelo, agua y semillas


[…] “Tiskaj ZELENO” es un proyecto realizado por estudiantes de Eslovenia para el desarrollo de una Print green o “impresión verde” mediante un máquina CNC diseñada para imprimir una mezcla de suelo, agua y semillas, dando como resultado impresiones de imágenes que se transforman en verde con el tiempo. Utilizaron su propio software para el funcionamiento de la impresora que… […]

Makezine: “Mud & Seed Become 3D Printed Grass Art”



[…] University of Maribor students in Slovenia have constructed a 3D printer from a modified CNC machine… […]

Inhabitat: “Brilliant 3D Grass Printer Can Print a Garden in Any Shape You Can Imagine”



[…] a team of students at the University of Maribor in Slovenia developed an innovative 3D printer that can create objects out of living grass! […]