Pebbles from the Drava River – Dravčki

The ‘Dravčki’ are pebble stones from the Drava river, collected, drawn on, and framed by myself and my family, my mother Ivanka, father Marjan, brother Tomi, cousin Katja and my boyfriend Simon.

First of their kind were made more than ten years ago. We have always been fascinated with stones, by their curious shapes and colour. Wherever we travelled to, we would always bring back lots of pebbles to decorate our flower beds.

Many Sunday afternoons were spent by the Drava, where we collected interesting pebbles, finding some which were composed of two or more rocks of different colour and hardness. Sometimes the rocks formed a pattern reminding me of tiny faces, which motivated me to draw eyes, nose and mouth onto them. My parents liked the result very much and encouraged me to continue making what my mother named the ‘Dravčki’ (pebbles from the Drava).



Dried 3D Soil-and-seed Prints

This is what prints look like after plants (in this case mostly grass) wither away.
Most of the prints were made last year and since I have kept them away from sunlight, grass hasn’t yellowed too much.
Unfortunately, I haven’t yet found a way to grow new plants on dried-out prints. Because whenever I try to water them again, they start to crumble and fall apart.

3D printed mud vessel with withered grass.


3D printed mud vessel with withered grass.


3D printed mud vessel with withered grass.


3D printed mud vessel with withered grass.

3D printed triangle made of mud with withered watercress. A collaboration with Skylar Brennan


3D printed triangle made of mud with withered watercress. A collaboration with Skylar Brennan

3D printed mud vessel. It originally had clover and grass growing on it.
3D printed mud vessel. it originally had clover and grass growing on it.
Star-shaped 3D print made of mud with withered grass.
3D printed object made of mud with withered grass.


Collaboration with artist Skylar Brennan

Collaboration with artist Skylar Brennan.

Check out her website for more:


Paper Mache Lighting

I have always liked making things out of paper mache, and about a year ago I started creating these paper mache pendant and desk lights. They are made of recycled paper and are decorated with different translucent objects such as buttons or sea glass, which I collect myself on Croatian beaches.

You can find and purchase these pendant lights at my Etsy shop.

Paper mache pendant light - glassbeads1 (7)

Paper mache pendant light buttons1

Paper mache pendant light white

Paper mache pendant light - seaglass2 (2)

Paper mache pendant light - cloud (1)

Paper mache pendant light - sea glass1 (3)

Paper mache pendant light - perforated2 (7)

Paper mache desk lamp (3)

Paper mache pendant light - buttons2 (4)

Paper mache pendant light - eyes

Paper pendant pink buttons (3)

Paper mache pendant light - glassbeads2 (2)

Paper desk lamp - large (1)

Paper cloud lamp

Concrete Blocks with Green Prints

A little experiment with green prints and concrete.

2ème Biennale Art & Matières, Albi, France

I presented Print Green at the 2nd Biennial Art & Matières, which took place from 7th to 9th October in Albi, France. This was an event dedicated to promoting soil as a contemporary, ecological, aesthetic and high-quality material for design and architecture.

Link to a video clip of the event from tv channel France 3.

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